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English Language and Literature 英國語言及文學: Books 書籍

Welcome to our library guides! Here you can find useful information such as how to search for journal articles, printed or electronic books, etc relating to this subject. 歡迎使用本指南!你可以在這裡學到如何尋找與這科目有關的期刊文章、印刷本書籍和電子書等參考資料。

Online Tutorial 網上教室

The video below shows you how to search for Print Books and E-Books in LibSearch.





Search library resources by keywords 建議關鍵字

This guide is about English Language and Literature, which covers the following subject areas. You may use these keywords to search for related resources in LibSearch.


English Language English Language -- Grammar English Language -- Phonetics
English Language -- Syntax English Language -- Discourse Analysis English Language -- Semantics
English Language -- Study and Teaching English Language -- Textbooks For Foreign Speakers Spoken English
Written English College Readers College Writing
English Literature American Literature  

Call Number relating to this subject 相關書籍的索書號

Books on English Language and Literature can be found on the shelves according to the following classification codes:


Classification Codes 分類號碼 Classification Outline 包含範圍
P Philology, Linguistics
P 98 – 98.5 Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing
P 101 – 410 Language, Linguistic Theory, Comparative Grammar
P 118 – 118.75 Language Acquisition
P 121 – 149 Science of Language (Linguistics)
P 201 – 299;   PE 1095 - 1398 Comparative Grammar
P 301 – 301.5;   PE 1402 – 1497 Style, Composition, Rhetoric
P 302 – 302.87;   PE 1422 Discourse Analysis
P 306 – 310 Translating and Interpreting
P 321 – 324.5;   PE 1571 – 1599 Etymology
P 325 – 325.5;   PE1585 Semantics
P 326 – 326.5;   PE 1571 – 1599 Lexicology
P 327 – 327.5;   PE1601 – 1693 Lexicography
P 375 – 381 Linguistic Geography
PE English Language
PE 1001 – 1693 Modern English
PE 1065  1074.85 Study and Teaching English Language
PE 1128  1128.3;  PE 1130.C4 Study and Teaching English as a Foreign Language
PE 1068.H6 Study and Teaching English in Hong Kong
PE 1074.8 Spoken English
PE 1115;  PE 1479.B87 Business English
PE 1116.J6 English for Journalists
PE 1417;  LB 2395.3 College Readers
PE 1471 College Writing
PN Literature (General)
PR 1 – 9680 English Literature
PS 1 – 3576 American Literature


Responsible use of electronic resources 使用電子資源注意事項

Excessive downloading of electronic resources is prohibited. Violation may result in the suspension of access to the e-resources for the whole University. [Click here for additional information.]

Using e-resources from off-campus 校外使用電子資源

E-books guide 電子書使用指南

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